Blahg 8


stomach inferno
need new glasses
funky & gunky
in a massive Comfort Suite
great for post reading blast
tossing berets to the ceiling
sealing wall cracks w/
LP hot wax melted over
:boosted chianti bottles
from the ’50s Musee

DC: black lady
aims finger at
people’s heads
passing by

DC: car plate:
“Taxation Without

DC: Imperial space
abounds, surrounds
monuments & massive statuary
of mounted soldiers
bronze muscle-bound babes
hugging the stallions
Roman bridges
cops on horseback
packing Glocks &tc
black Lincoln Continental limos
w/ VIPs behind tinted windows


— DM

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  1. Tisa Walden says:

    chianti. beer, saki, vicodin
    would make any old sage’s
    stomach bad even w/ sleep
    and the secret code to type
    to get this to you is topaz &
    Rhoda — not that i’m all that
    smart or anything just spent
    eighteen years attending AA
    — otherwise Bravo though do
    believe whole-heartedly in pro
    choice — not a child a foetus
    . . .tw

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