Steve Dickison

Shuffle Boil
shuffle boil, a magazine of poets and music
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Three for David


from Schallplattenspieler, or Nights at the Turntable

"And on the creamed corn, ladies
and gentlemen, Mister Gerry Mulligan" --

"This is the very first song I wrote.
It has words. You'll have to guess them."



Live at Don Mupo's Gold Nugget in Oakland

It was a Kenton hangout.
There was a record store there too, so racist they had
every one of Art Pepper's records except Meets the Rhythm Section.



Mr. LACY: You know, for me, music is the leader. I follow it. It's not that I tell it what to do. I don't tell the music what to do; the music tells me what to do. So I listen to it and I try and do what's necessary to keep it alive. (NPR 1999)



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