Gary Gach

by David Meltzer
Oyez, 1967


Tanka for David Meltzer

      browsing kaballah

      shazam! now I remember

      I'm on a ladder

& the book i was looking for

missing, between 2 others


The Point
     a translation of Edmond Jabès

     ... a certain distance surveyed between
the book and
the book; between being titled, and absence of title; the moment when
its page is without any reassuring trace; when there are no longer any
traces for others nor for itself; when the white crossing is done within

No shadows to enumerate; neither a boundary nor the least pebble,
near or far.

... except a point, on the tip of sight; not a mark but an enigma. A lone-
some point, floating upon an ocean of form, moving in the luminous
azure, and which my wish to explain, for a fraction of a second, renders
visible to the world.

To turn what wished only to be the detour of a fluctuating thought. To

girdle the abyss.

The circle is a circle only during its recurrence.

The greatest circle is function of the littlest.

All writing is polarization of the point.

Edmond Jabès (1912-1991), a Jew born in Cairo, became a French poet under the tutelage of Max Jacob and the Surrealists.


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