Jonathan Hayes


The Killing Jar

She never saw a firefly:

Izod bodies in the dusk
Running across grass and Rockwell
Mason jar plot for all things in the dark

Year of the Ram

“Eat your noodles loud if you like them”

Chocolate and bananas from Chinatown
Seaweed conversation – Nietchze stuck in the teeth

“Sometimes the feeling doesn’t come back”

Burping on the sidewalk

Whistling in the library

Eating toast with a fork

Let’s went…

“You‘re a bird with no legs, unable to land”

Firefly in the jar



Diamond and Sneakers

absence of anaphora

calling you long distance
as we walk together

organic secret:

whisper to a hole in tree
cover it up with mud and leaves

milk eyeballs curdle the sky

a throat of hair and blood
a faucet of tragedy

chocolate psalm
goat song

New England blue
Rolling Rock and Schweppes ginger ale

a funeral in Gloucester

barnacle barnacl barnac barna barn bar ba b