Del Ray Cross




I have no idea where he went and Iím very pissed

passing over Black River my thoughts leak

itís momentous only in that itís the first game Iíve won in years

the Japanese they own the Metreon you know

I used to have some worthwhile qualities

itís cool that I know people now and can visit with them

hereís to the boy with the Scottish cap

tonight the UFO over the Hotel Huntington doesnít want to land



haven't written Warner
Warner my 4th
Brothers my 4th Warner
Warner gothic nice
candle my 4th my
Warner grill-out my
dead fireworks
Warner Brothers my 4th
nice grill-out dead dad
my Warner my nice
grill-out a gothic mix
nice dead poems and stir
my dead mix and
Cleveland nice grill-out
my dead dad see the
fireworks nice grill-out
mix three poems and stir
haven't written my
candle my 4th my
nice grill-out my
mix three poems and
a gothic mix
my dead Cleveland
nice Warner Brothers
went to fireworks
had a nice grill-out
haven't written shit



my newest Newsweek
summerís back
got my fan on
itís even harder
that Iím irreligious
the yellow butterflies
flutter around tomorrow
I count boat parts
he rolled over
and I got on top
ďweíre getting married
in a hot air balloonĒ
counting the moles
on his back
3 fish