Wanda Phipps


Women, Motorcycles & Porn

"I can feel the motor in my toes"
this brings a giggle
from the cycler

thinking of someone else's
"driving pants"
driving my pants
faster and faster
pant faster and faster
driving the motor
driving the motor running under
my toes
under my hood
under my squeezing thighs
strong for a tiny girl
strong for my size
thighs strong as a motor

dark red brick cellar-like room
sip the beer
buy me the beer
bring me the beer
that's what men are for
I can't move things
large things or small things
I'm a tiny little thing
bring me what I want
that's what I'm for

size is a strong factor
a matter of relative size
how big is it
what's the big deal
what a small wonder
I wonder how small

now again
how am I a small
sparkling thing

save me the image
of chrome and tires
next to the still
of you with the
bathroom door ajar
naked ó still dripping
from the shower
turning looking at me
eyes like my wildest dreams

but visuals are not appealing
this is what they tell me
visuals are not appealing
to women
we don't have eyes
we donít have eyes
like that
arousal is a thing
in context

but who chooses
the context
who can say my eyes
can't do that
my eyes statistically
can't do that
can't make arousing
contexts for visual images
something to do
with having a uterus
affects the eyes
hinders vision

a body in space
is not a body
in space
for a woman
they tell me
but I see her blink
breathing faster
in front of a bare chest
dark nippled breasts
a strong broad back
silky fine legs
sweat making
an ass sparkle
even if only on the page

she eroticizes space
bodies in relation
to bodies
bodies in relation
to space
responds to
that look in the eyes
that look of defiance
that look of submission
that look of desire
in the curve of a back
in the crook of a knee
in the nape of the neck

I see her
a motor rumbling
above dark red brick
squeezing small wonders
sipping small visions
non-statistically thinking
of someone else
caught in a giggle
below hovering large things
appealing to the panting
truth of it all

objectification becomes
empathy and connection
witnessing your own desire
reflected in a photograph
in film frames
moving faster
than your thoughts

a woman makes
the context read
circulinear and inter-connected
I can move things
drive things
make them my size
nibbling the world
in bite-sized morsels
as the huge machine
roars between my thighs