Jennifer Birkett


                                    Pink Dialogues

 I take Hugh into his bedroom and take off his clothes.
           Pull out my pendulum and swing it over his body. If it swings clockwise
         I'll sleep with him.

   Pink anxiety and loud noises in quiet places
                                  then I explode
                      along with the hula hoops

Meanwhile we get flowers in spring
                rain in winter
                      and lovers they come
                              and go

I sit at my window, turn off the light and watch people on the street below.
                      2am. Bars closing.
           A woman screams "It's my turn to die in an orgasmic ball of fire! Fuck me."

           Election Day tomorrow.   I'm in the mood to get mowed down.
                      Love is revolt. Caste your vote.
           Stick fingers in holes and twitch
                      Everyone wins

Sex when i want it and nothing in between.
           That would be good

                      Think of sheer inertia rolling

    It's amazing how William Burroughs could go from a beautiful pink cunt
            to a beautiful flower opening
to a pink dress, to a syringe, to a castle in Casablanca
                      There isn't a departure or tangent that doesn't make sense
           it all weaves back to an image that turns us on

                      Baked walls of Algeria in Camus's Plague
                                 excites me between the legs

Don't take it out, leave it in as long as possible
you nasty little creature

I rub his genital area gently
           & his eyes get really wide
            something happening down there

Someone reading Nietzsche in corner of cafe, giggling.
           That's who I want to meet
                   Sacred as fucked.
                Crystal Night. Crystal Nacht.
                      spot lights trying to silence it

           Searching for cheese shop & suddenly in
                      red light district
          Window shopping. Push up bra's & breasts at attention
                      Long legs with inviting heels.
                                 Van Gogh's potato girls
                                            spots of color
           Crimson cunts move slowly    warm        prevalent lips.
                       You want me. Now.

                      woman woman woman from top to bottom and then there is
            this little thing on the bottom that is not woman.
                                 The heel. Her shoe.
                      The whole way she puts her foot out to show the shoe.
                                 The final statement. Pose.

                      somewhere slippery
            upward brush strokes                round shapes

           frisky windmills
                      squeaking & creaking

                                 hello darling

                       Neighbor's cat. Meow Sutra

                                 How can we help you?
            I need more. Of what? Much more... I need more.
                       more more more much more.
                                 Of what?
                               more more much more

"Dogen says that without painted hunger you never become a True Person."

                                 assume crash position.
                       my head between yr knees. Just this
                                  hot breath laced with skin, carried away