Halvard Johnson


ATM in Lobby

                            “Lobby Girl sits on the fat man’s knee-e,
                            fat man happy as he can be-e.”

He picked up the heavy lamp from the table and began to explore
the hips tight with her leg, his genuine and less guilty wealth.
Shampooing her lips, swimming and casting round his eye to delve
with some companions what men began to loosen.

Her vagina clamped down upon his cock, and he sends Eurylochus
to explore, to feel it pulsate to her body, shimmer into a herald of new dreaming.
We think we cannot, so then we must investigate this as she became lost
in the throes of her orgasm. This struck dead their hearts,

The end of this counsel being to persuade his soldiers he had actually
done it with a woman. Those parts which he knew would prove a most,
to them, unpleasing motion, to take his cock with her hands and close
her mouth about the head, and therefore I advise thee to explore.

I now am bound, in purpose, to seek by this device of travel
to slowly tighten on it, sucking it until she had about half of it in her mouth,
to earn by her deep explorings, to satiate him, sucking on it like
a popsicle, eyes glued to mine, savoring my every reaction.

And thoughts of sacred Sparta, up and down the coastline of my straining cock,
of our land, its cultivation of the soil and of the mind, exploring the interior
regions of her mouth, preparing by scientific means problems that will unite
us instead of belaboring those problems which invoke the wonders

of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars,
conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean until finally all
of my cock was buried in her mouth. As we plumb the vastnesses
of space, let us go to the new worlds together. She ground

her face against my stomach ere I could explore its wildernesses.
All forms and substances twisting her head back and forth,
then returning to fucking my cock with her mouth. At Oxford, I found
the liberty and seclusion best fitted for my active and exploring mind.

No safer place than college for a youth whose mind wasn’t going
to take anything too roundly. Nothing in my previous experience had prepared
me for the great daring and venture of sailors on new voyages of discovery.
I could feel my balls swelling, getting ready to expel my fluids.

Reckless, O soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me.

[first published in RealPoetik]