Jonathan Kane

Jonathan Kane was born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1957. He studied art at the University of Florida and San Francisco Art Institute. The artist currently resides in Naples, FL, with his dog Otis. He can be contacted at

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"as i propel myself into the future, i look over my shoulder and am horrified"

"figure with look of contentedness"

"good intentions are often diminished by the taste of blood"


"i long for your kiss"

"investing in timeshares for a financial opportunity of a lifetime!!!"

"maître nageur"

"my cousin michael"

"my sudden inexplicable desire to waterski in your ocean of filth"

"note to self: breathe"

"once removed"

"public warning"

"right into your heart"

"some things cannot be disputed"


"things that i really care about"

"total disregard for death dance"