John Wieners


Liv Ullman

Book reviews for a Weekend Reading at University
Of Maine.                                              John Wieners

I.  Mr. Skeffington by Elizabeth R.
II. The Waves by Virgil Dorothy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [See above]
III. The Miracle of the Bells - James Ramsay
Orions - Olga Trocchi
Dorothy Thompson
The Group by Miss M & M
The Left Hand of God - Cesare Ingres 1960

Tootsie Roll in Vertigo's
Technicolor Thompson Spa Charlestown

pour mon marie Bob Creeley
Wednesday June 28
Sunday July 2

Transcription: Vanni S
Friday June 30
Saturday July 1



A fictionalized biography
In technicolor of Joan Crawford
                        By adoptee

                        To Minnie Pearl

Between Diction and Dance
I thought I'd call my reading
A middle class voice from a telephone book
Because I'm old now
and finally attained that grace from the dime.
                                Jacob wrestled with an angel
The scenic delights along
Robin and Marian's scenic footage
Have only Mme. Skouras to blame:
But we're not supposed to know why

She was forced to photograph the landscape
Dedicated to me: as a British author
Portrayed: Hedda Gabler: Lincoln
Kirstein Business Library:
What have you!
That's it.                 What about it.
Thalia. Well That's about right.
When the chips are down
They came from Maine. Maine.
How the name evokes the rugged outdoors.

Who knows?; -- it might be Calais
or Colby Junior College up here in the
Northeast corner of the United States.
It might be the potatoes it might be rustic
selecting vegetables:
along the wherewithal down east Daughter's
[CENSORED] We're hicks don't you know it
Watch out! I might pick
up a stick and hit you with it!
I used to do that.
You wouldn't do that would you
Or a Bear Claw worse maybe
They say: They're Bears Out There.
And Maple syrup to goad them

Nonethelss they bring in Presque Isle
On Nights Like This as an usher at the Exeter
Africa has its Nile Queens
Since Bathseba had Coach Durocher
He's the real Provencial CEO
I know a little bit about this STATE
But thank you for having the Queen
Of Persia
With us here without the LIP tonight.


Second Song: TORCH OF
Starring Edith Undercover Piaf
from a little Sambo's violin lessons
to a stack of Catholic pancakes



The spies must have been abundant here
from Mont Chabron to (Mine the Harvest)
along the trails lumberland
despite the Duke on the terrace

towards Gabriel, the archangel; and the Guardian Angel



To Don Shirley Hairdresser Palm Springs, California

G/ During the great Depression up here in Maine
during the 1930's - Donnie had a little Twin named
Shirley. She sold dresses in Beverly Hills.

      The Board of Health took an interest in them.
They caused people to die in the 1960's.

      After he did their hair and made them up in Piaf's
under the Wilbur theatre for her Catholic debut in 1945
the Gardner Museum from ORONO. Must be code
for Toronto.

      For Fanny Skeffington was banned as long in
Our nation's capital -- Washington D. C.

      300 miles of corn out of Montreal. It was good to
get back for the flight from Rome. Where the books are in
several languages. Daddy had his own Drugstore then.




      Sunday mornings are not always the same.

Whether in Monterey: or out back of town -
      the level mean is different. I chose Mr.
Skeffington because it became well-known around
the Legion of Decency that people in the story through myself
are not real. No matter how hard it is to lay
by them - They never were of this concern.

      Forget the details. They did not exist. Like
A pipe-dream on bicycle air the Registry of
Motor Vehicles shussed the matter up.


May - 2000 A.D.