Thomas Lowe Taylor


from the Homages of Eagle
Book XIV


New air calls yr name, throughout some
folds of flesh yr breasts are wove at

spar & tine, aloft these coils of light are
named in senses thorough lined perhaps

yr face is opened out to see love's calm
possession is not the same box over. Set

to scene yr works are new to name her
home and song the life we make is

grown together, union's fire, earth to
air the trembling storm is bitten in

some gasps her body's dances laid
beside my bed would call them down

the charges hold between her eyes, a
spot is charm to touch: yr eyes a spot

the same day seen I dreamed yr
constant beauty formed within an

instant, child-met & love-spoke, the seed
of some specific beauty marked, arrived

in sails the seas are followed out the
mare at gallop in the season's mating.


Yr call and song, butterfly, is a
hard on at dawn, light flies my

song's belly bounces pushed yr eye
and open hands would slip before

the light waves break this day at
turn and show : love's moods quicken

outer met her breasts would call,
and finger-in these loops of flesh,

a pleasure in the making; names of
places in yr pants are under

lights a brief shot walls are white.
and shores of sense the rooms

of love to mark yr movement in
my hands, the door is opened in

-to space and love's time arrives
the man is home & hears her say

again and brings it up between
his hands and puts his flesh in

to her light to come at dawn.


The light inside yr face is sharp &
silent; spaced out from what love calls.

the mood is clean : you would snare yr
woman in yr charm, with specific

meaning for yr life. And warm to say
hello, to sail her body through the dark;

approached morning, shifted sense & scene.
alive aloft, a loop wd call "recall"

and other moons are welcome sharp & new.
this woman's pleasures wrap the air to

cool perhaps the light & sharper sails in
motive lapses outer coils moved along

would move between yr eyes, another
bay and charm, a touch and then along

her waves wall and spoon, at work to
coil below the chair to sit silent in

the day as shore to shore again, the
open door unfolds me outer spun

and clarify the duties move & open up
her clothing kissed her bare breasts.


Yr harps are wove, drum light her
dresses flying over head this

under coat for touch no eyes but
meets the moon's fragrances cast

between yr legs and over : and
hear the seas open into morning,

the fish fly the dark shore of
love, and in yr eyes old lover's

faces, she skims my heart, I
call her name again the picture

bursts & flows the season in my
name is one and left the same

way settles down to wait some
scores are never new but now,

and salient lines become the rule
as on across the great water,

crossing on across the light in
senses moved beyond the day,

you shatter. Love enters in.