Lawrence Welsh


Preparing for Maximus

silly the religions of now
the birds becoming books
or the mumbling descents
begging for another chance

a man from arizona
says we flunked every student
who wrote about olson
and we walked out on duncan
we called him “auntie”
and laughed at his ways

then a blindfold will do
that shuts them out
if we don’t see them
they’re smoke
a memory we can burn

but memories shout “stone”
become clouds or under clouds
hitchhike to gloucester

ride a bandaged trolley car
over take the flesh
become more than
a drowning you


Shotgun/Corn Liquor

for southern culture on the skids

vibrolux’s hell menace is creep:
zebra lounge ’79 & all clubs
skid row before gentrification

                                    (my ass)

we’re all
san diego bound
for gigs that never pay: and my sealy
your floor

we now convene:
          punk rock invalids
alive like soul
or link wray’s j-town rumble

who believes
johnny thunders’ rained out
& smokin’ skull vestiges
of north carolina youth

i’ll sing “chicken shit farmer”
declare cramps were all
shake your hands
and say: “sweat/cracked”

we’re shakin’ now too?


Voodoo Store

that hanging – o south central root
where diamond eyes reverse glitter
for bop
for frothy beads
coming down
from stars

leave placards unscattered
they & los santos change colors
meditate or medicate for risings
for skull will always sacrifice
another blues like hole
or sand
or a chihuahuan’s curse

break out is masked reverie
on haitian feet
break out is stolen cigars
the white owls so never here
breakout is the lover
w/ negril smiles
her turning & flips
her opening on the sly

breakout o bloodied knees
is demented tongue
that only the fire believes