Lynne Hjelmgaard


Pinked at the Tate

..........nothing but some colors
sprayed into air and staying there
                                             --Jules Olitshi

it's a jolly pink balloon
blown up to giant
with mesh fence around it
it's a bald headed
marshmallow with pimples
it's part of a chain store

it has one hand extended
(trying to give me flyers)
long and slimy like a lizard
another leg extended
back to ballerina stance
it whines too much pink
Wait Stay Shop

to get to the next floor
go down then
up the escalator

the woman ahead
has conspicuously pink legs

we are shadows of selves walled
moving upwards
pink collage stucco

position your feet
hands on your waist
head up back straight
a painting can
hold you there

deep into windows
under the scribbles of paint
and copper wires
between the skyscraper's
revolving doors
a sense of flying
a rush a falling

I am sky from above
a mountain of clay
I am tar pavement glass
installed near wall 1982
I am canvas
a musk of
yellowrose almost
a rose surrendered
to being pink