Big Bridge #10

Export: Writing the Midwest




directed energy: fair
breath fire space chechnya
ink spontaneous public intro
axis language sex kinda
showering softdrinks fame iraq
backpacks heavy metal usa
limos notebooks fences walls
towers dada money tapes
beedle-ah-dah stamps monopoly websites
biopower tempo toilets golfing
guidelines movement manners behavior
demilitarization prescriptions libya
9.11 money globe orchestrations
arms bongs baseball mushrooms
skies books helicopters jews
children email a-i-m rec
chatrooms terrorists volume grenades
hot tubs cattle poverty gospel
cloud sharon history goggles
guns friends google rubble
ions moonshine geometry lasers
h2 satellites internet arabs
bildeberg movies tv sweets
ham denims fights organizations
listservs light-sabers licorice porn
war is fairly directed with energy
bbq dicks signs doors
lawnmowers burgers country jewelry
juice cheney fraternities underbite
grain secrets camera vacuums
deja-vu roadsides sirens shadows
scissor-kicks holsters statues flowers
bombs mornings armies toothpaste
macs missiles imf knives
hemorrhoids pension insurgency mondays
smiles rules apocalypse mouthpiece
tanks civilians ghosts projectors
anthrax walmart gerbils flagpoles
handshakes earndhart security batteries
trilateral cigarettes invisible imposters
moqtada gulps polyglot power-hour
war of the future
axis language sex kinda
rules smile apocalypse mouthpiece
ions moonshine geometry lasers
skies helicopters books jews
10.11 money globe orchestrations
towers money dada tapes
ink intro spontaneous public
missiles mac imf knives
email children a-i-m rec
scissor-kicks holsters statues flowers
organizations fight denim hams
usa heavy metal backpacks
tripwire mornings armies toothpaste
occidental bbq signs dicks
fire breath space Chechnya
tanks civilians ghosts projectors
emergency chatrooms volume grenades
notebooks limos fences walls
underbite juice fraternities cheney
listservs light-sabers licorice porn
trilateral death imposters cigarettes
roadsides deja-vu sirens bombs
arms bombs baseball mushrooms
vacuums grain secrets camera
iteneraries movement manners behavior
others gospel poverty cattle
lawnmowers burgers country jewelry
exxon libya demilitarization
nutsack stamps monopoly websites
security handshakes earndhart batteries
anthrax walmart gerbils flagpoles
fame showering sotfdrinks iraq
tv bildeberg movies sweets
enterpol hemorrhoids pension mondays
rubble google friends guns
history goggles cloud sharon
arabs h2 internet satellites
moqtada power-hour gulps polyglot
Is fair war directed with energy?
surfing biopower tempo toilets

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