Big Bridge #10

An Open Letter to America


Dale Smith


PostScript (Piggyville)

For anyone glued to the literal consider the profound illusion Piggyville casts in your heart the illusion of bitter disappointment or fear the illusion of progression or betterment or understanding when in fact it is the flight from the literal that causes the flinch the disgust unimaginable transgressions of flesh outlived by ideals the perishable alien discomfort of inward opposition to collapse of the energy and force of the literal a world where piggy lives you live and an ideal in an individual is an apparition an anthropologists' dissertation it's in flight from the literal to the glowing center it's here below ideal surfaces and literal ones here from within illusion the irony and bitter satire of crumbling hearts bring out what there is to say and from the literal you will squirm but it's only DNA and Religion happening when you think you're not looking because you know you are and I know you know because I'm looking with you.