Big Bridge #10

An Open Letter to America


Tim Martin


For What It's Worth

            When love is gone, there is always justice
            and when justice is gone, there is always force
            and when force is gone, there is always Mom
            Hi Mom!    -  Laurie Anderson

jesus christ, i think i understand this
weapons are more effective
when they do not exist
where is Dr. Seuss to sort this out?
this is my side of the line
the county is turned around
if only Mom could stop this
human rights would be inalienable
it seems so far from earth now
like the bit about the kid
war is a toxic lie
some drunk told once
in the absence of good sense
thereís something happening here


Of Course You Realize This Means War

itís a paternity issue
with rockets glaring in nightvision
is that phallic enough for you?
and it will be televised
if this were a moral question
iíd have the answer
itís a property thing
my dna cannot wrap around
but was once running guns
in the video arcades
spending too much change
ignoring the casualties
the god of the desert is a fractal geometry
whose pattern becomes the flag to cover the dead


Blue State

the greatest failure of democracy
acts of patriots
in the farmland states
how about them cowboys
them first ten amendments
and them cowboys with torches
nailing gallows for Salem
the stage is set
in the science fiction where
women are handmaidens
and numbers are on our arms
the other guy never wins
and whatever populations tell you
Hitler was elected