ukanhavyrfuckinciti bak


collected and edited by rjs

published by t.l.kryss

a limited edition of
1000 copies

cover foto by j.r.s
fron cover lettering -- carl woideck
back cover -- wally depew

So reads the title page of the 1967 edition, and the edition reprinted 40 years later, in 2007

The 2007 reprint of this book reproduces the original as scrupulously as low tech allows. Perhaps low budget actually helps. The book remains the largest single collection of levy's poems.

The 2007 facsimile edition was reprinted by Russell Salamon in collaboration with others who donated funds and shared distribution and proceeds. This famous anthology gathers an essential and extensive collection of levy's poetry, Concrete poetry, picture-poems, prose, poetic manifestoes and editorials, plus letters from poets and writers world-wide written in support of levy after his indictment and arrest, and newspaper accounts of same. levy's North American Book of the Dead, Parts I-III (1966-67) is also included. The 2007 edition also offers a listing of books, theses, papers, booksellers, periodicals, small presses, bibliographies, web sites, films and music focusing on d.a.levy as well as an informative glossary of names and terms appearing in levy's poetic works, including Cleveland place names, history and historical figures; hipster word meanings; Ancient Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Egyptian and Assyrian deities, figures, concepts and traditions evoked in the poems, Buddhist vocabulary, and more.

no pagination (approx. 200+ pages);
perfect bound with black tape like the first edition
$20 + $3 shipping (media rate) or $5.20 shipping (priority)

Ghost Pony Press
PO Box 260113
Madison, WI 53726-0113

Note: rare copies of the original 1967 edition of this book are
available from booksellers. From $600 – $1,000.



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