Eileen Myles

Poem for Patsy

The wind shifts
& it's this side
of the house
one of the dogs
smells fishy. Rain comes
straight down
the world melts
the trees fuzzy
houses descending
who knows me
Let's all stay
close. It's really
sweet. The lightning
strikes again &
the world is
white. Now the
slow drain,
like a distant
hear it from
Bunker Hill
the boom
of its cannons
two hundred
years ago,
moving further
away and
the dogs are
still scared.

One licks
the other,
one paw
on my
thigh and
it's kind
of quiet.

May 10th

                              The wall
is bleached
by light,

I'm giving it to you
the departing
a sweet seahorn

I'm smelling something
for instance
it's like it got

the bus sneezes

cream, cream me

yellow cab
under black

it's an early cough

it's like light wakes
you up

rhythm, you know


It's my street
I swing from left
to right

It's my job
I'm a little