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Red Mare - Two Seekers

Red Mare, although a magazine, is a chapbook series--hand made: the covers are individually block printed, and each copy is hand sewn, numbered and each edition is limited to under 50. #3 has Japanese rice paper for end papers.

Each issue features one author only, and the book is a single long poem, or poems that are episodic in a whole, with a preference for the former--long poems are hard to get published in literary periodicals and so Red Mare seeks to give them a home.

Editorial preference tends to the eco-feminist, or ecological, or a feminized perspective--all of which do not seem to be welcome in literature these days, so Red Mare seeks to serve there as well.

Submissions are accepted between June and December each year, and publication is usually annually in June, although there is the possibility of a special issue if warranted.

Submissions are accepted by post or email, but a Word file of an accepted MS must be sent at some point.

Copies are available online via  for seven bucks each.