Plastic Ocean is a newspaper publication for creative, critical thinkers, published as often as possible, whenever we can. Plastic Ocean is dedicated to exploring our ever changing relationship to Nature and Culture, and resists the notion that either can be understood separate from the other. We recognize all forms of the written word as valid journalism and acknowledge that Art is just another word in the middle of the word Earth.

Named from the swirling mass of plastic about 1000 miles off the coast of San Francisco, this premiere issue of the literary tabloid, Plastic Ocean, contains poetic rants & coy non-fiction, as well as short stories and poetry written by homeless, self-published poets as well as established writers, indie historians and back street Marxists, punk rock lyricists, sentimental anarchists and witchy intellectuals

This issue features the writers David Meltzer, Gloria Frym, Michael Rothenberg, Terri Carrion, Chris Carlsson, Josh Wilson, David Lincoln, Sara Wallace, Jess Rowland, D.S. Black, J.Lee, Antonette Goroch, Marina Lazzara, Kristen Steele, Chris Stroffolino, Armando Rendon, David Johnson, Sam Sebren, Adriana Camarena, Jennifer Shagawat, Shellhead, Rick Alley, Malaika King Albrecht, Jeff Conant, Swan, Twilight Greenaway, Ellen Catalina, Alan Weinerman, Raven, kenne, and Kalindi Chatterton.

Visual artists included are Glen Bachman, Cheyenne Coles, Sam Sebren, Chris Streng, Jim Swanson, Greg Turner and Chris Carlsson.

Plastic Ocean was compiled by Marina Lazzara and designed by Chris Carlsson.


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in The Slow Poetry section of this issue of Big Bridge.