Zach Barocas
On Oppen

Bruce Ross-Smith
In the Tune of the Winds: Discrete Scenes from Le Beausset

Eric Hoffman
Survival's Thin, Thin Radiance: George Oppen's Post-War Poetics

Michael Heller
from Oppen's Thematics

Martin Jack Rosenblum
On "Ozymandias"

Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno
Time, Space and Mayan Ground

Burt Kimmelman
George Oppen's "Psalm":  Manifest Things and a Poet's Words

Eric Hoffman
Legislator of the Unacknowledged World: George Oppen and Shelley

Norman Finkelstein
"The Building of the Skyscraper": Oppen's Heroic Urbanism

Marjorie Perloff
The Shipwreck of the Singular: George Oppen's "Of Being Numerous"

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
"Ballad": On Reading Oppen Once Again

Jack Marshall
On Late Oppen

Peter Nicholls
Of "Latitude, Longitude"

Mark Scroggins
A Note on "The Lighthouses"

Grant Matthew Jenkins
"The little hole in the eye": George Oppen's Critique of Vision

Joseph Bradshaw
Trobar: The Verb "To Find" in the Poetry of George Oppen

Stephen Cope
"Oppen-Endedness: Notes on Fragmentation and the Incomplete Futurity of George Oppen's Modernism"

Patrick Pritchett
Clarity or, Late Modernism (A Photological Midrash)

Henry Weinfield
Oppen on Clarity, Opacity and Prosody: Passages from the Daybooks


John Cunningham
Review of Lyn Barzilai's George Oppen: A Critical Study, Selected Prose, Daybooks and Papers, George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism and Michael Heller's Speaking the Estranged: Essays on the Work of George Oppen

Mark Scroggins
Review of Peter Nicholls' George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism

Michael Kindellan
Review of Speaking the Estranged: Essays on the Work of George Oppen.

Thom Donovan
Review of Selected Prose, Daybooks and Papers


John Taggart
Letter to Hoffman

Anthony Rudolf
Text for the Evening Session of George Oppen Centennial Symposium: The Shape of Disclosure (New York, April 8, 2008)


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