Photos by Felicia Murray

Notes, in conversation with
Louise Landes Levi
February 2008


I live with a spiritual being who has the form of a dog and who has taught me how to perceive the spiritual qualities of all animals. I am a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner studying in the tradition of Ati Yoga. One of the great teachers in this lineage, Drukpa Kunley, never went anywhere without his dog. Animals gather around and are protected by spiritual masters.

I like to photograph at night. Perceptual conditions reveal the unseen. I use flash and long exposure to elongate time and thereby enter into dimensions beyond the three or four to which we are accustomed.

Night photography reveals the luminosity of the day. Ordinary vision is expanded; one sees beyond the eye and is confronted by a world that transcends perception conditioned by the physical.

We do not see all that is there. Our perception is limited by the dual nature of vision. Night photography opens the possibility to see into other dimensions. Night photography manifests inherent luminosity. It opens the portal to the unseen worlds.

Animals see this way without design or intention, they see this way effortlessly, as their natural state.


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