compiled & edited
Arpine Konyalian Grenier



We're after ourselves, language, love. "The love I love is one, but one, the only rose!" reads the inscription under the statue of priest, scholar, historian, poet and community leader, Fray Angelico Chavez (1910-1996) at the downtown plaza in Santa Fe. And Celan, translated reads, "Bolt the door: There are roses in the house … where they beat my father and mother to death: what bloomed there, what blooms there?"

Because this therefore that is ongoing, who what where when why how regardless. Mired in or sorting out or faced with the cruel and unusual, we travel through a daily and ordinary impermanence, quarkly and at times celebratory as per Le Roman de la Rose, for example. On dit: l'important c'est la rose l'important c'est la we made up down deduct youth beauty danger jealousy bad-mouthing un peu bouche un peu trust me it is le roman delaros ele ro man de la ro se le rom an dela roseler oman del arose lerom and elar o sel ero man de la rose for a four letter truth – eros, rose, sore, after ourselves.

The hybrid nature of the contributors to this feature is engaging. Their self created constraints foster open and inquiring minds. No solving, re solving or dis solving but revelations, moment to moment temporal to spatial, changing. An event, cherchent, changent. Language too a rose, a dwelling, opening up, evolving. Silverstein's Silence sparkles with hope. Gul is vart is rose in the Supernal Garden, I say … the haptic laugh … yet were it not for tragedy we would have been nomenclature. For Anagnopoulos, Darkness is well stocked with pink … Everything shakes, radiates. So then, alors, Casamassima's intricacies about writing are a treat … break me of this habit/of forming you into words/the form of me knowing you … to return if sketched/to the prophet's silence … to browse through columns/of grass intended for rain … Mukherjee's escorting Paradjanov's Po-megranate to Po-etry, tremors to work (writing). Stamatakis in Two is self, not verb nor object … flexion & gyre - , Switaj right there at the immediacy of experience … fallen where I fell … malforming white beams. Rich Murphy says, The definition of steward brings action; the painterly dramatics of Basil King trans-migrate our sensibilities; Muller's hare to hair gyrations with artwork are screaming: May I speak, may I? Of course, we say. Curtain's up, here we go.


Call for Work

Gul of the Supernal Garden
      by Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Hare's Cathedral
      by Sabine Lenore Müller

Isolated System
      by Aryanil Mukherjee

      by Ozlem Silverstein

      by Matina Stamatakis

Learning to Draw / A History
      by Basil King

Escorted by the Sun
      by Kostas Anagnopoulos

from Joys
      by Christopher Casamassima

The from I, Me Me Mine
      by Richard Murphy

      by Elizabeth Kate Switaj