Some Volumes of Poetry:
A Retrospective of Publication Work by Karl Young

Part 1: 1970s Outreaches


Freek Magazine

Stations Magazine

Water Street Arts Center, Part 1

Books by Toby Olson

Margins Symposiums, Part 1

On Guy Davenport, Rochelle Owens, Diane Wakoski, Assembling, and Michael McClure

Books by John Kingsley Shannon

Books by Martin J. Rosenblum

Single Titles, Set One
by Kathleen Wiegner, Hilary Ayer, Carol Bergé, Nathaniel Tarn, - and Robert Filliou, with Dieter Roth, George Brecht, Dick Higgins, Steve McCaffery, and bpNichol.

Books by Jackson Mac Low

Books by bpNichol & Friends

Books by John Taggart

Symposiums Continued in Other Magazines:
on Clark Coolidge, Theodore Enslin, and on Tom Phillips, Ian Tyson, and Joe Tilson

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