Arpine Konyalian Grenier


The Enthusiast

the deal is - poor ugly motherless Beirut suffering anonymity
washer hammer interests out there the tower - wasn't that Bab-ilu
for new nations on the moon really an immune jungle we
the connotation for - gate of god as it denotes a given
Bilbul appropriation in Turkish a nightingale's
repeat and indirectly so

at night the palms between the fire escapes and the moon
someone with marked outlines scissoring conditioning
or so I thought

the theme of man so unlikely distinct but corpse still
baring mother seed on a still point = confusion
how one questions her shawl's repeat
moment of sin lead

having devised a method of generating sunlight any time
I so thought - intent - heavy carry light carry
maps balls (informal please) the piano
sift a missed hold
lapse in air

and where does wind come from is whispered
horse forgotten to the horizontal between
suddenly and tracking

the wall between East and West Beirut is weeping more
rock for sure penitent slab of grade A industrial
shall we be sly about this??

if we were to shame them offenders
we would have clubs
no more

I release the future's components to express intention
the future coconut lavender I assure
the colour white the number what I won't
the why gated woodwork crossing
I assure blackened don't
want to

Aghd is stain for
Aghaid =

to lose/find /hurt/ get hurt by the corner
at ______ where _____________ they say
backing against a one way street did not
Mama - I'm not a daughter they say
I did not see it happen Mama
don't you dream of me??

what about piety/ analysis silently esteemed
lynching of tales what about
syntax blackened
regardless --

to tell you Ataturk was Ubermensch Muslim the kind with no direct for example relative is to negate that less aggressive and non-male donned primates are now a source of clues to our ancestry with a wig and a song - gi-rl!

a delible face postcards away from the rosed in still
there's a postulate in all of us no question
the rest outside of the question I wish
just and referential so
he chuckles

his club has grown in Beirut larger than itself
whereat the talking drinking never seeped
lime sediments Mama I wish
old women's seats

instead doors
      what about
                                    he chuckles

because I don't do asphalt = coloured magnesium wishing to turn
like some such militant Jesus because we were taught
the memory of sins we did not commit because I
look Westerly for my parts switching tongues so
the pain still be-coloured for the front page
turning light turns on its darkness
in quiet women's rooms

by here the sea a window's production of the nothing sky
where the close-shaved putamen of a pomegranate downs
colours a priori at because
washing down

have you seen by where the spider tuned its legs
down the city carnelian at tantra
the kids xed for none such
future witching
                                    they say

male birds with fine feathers mate more often than
publicly owned blood - gender - time - off
father-brother-son seeking
minority ways carnelian
think sun

the colour gold if we were to shame them offenders
no such would be first time offender (club) timer
second timer joining as we club shamed
with a wig and a song offend
gi-rl gi-rl

the film still avoids the artless voice and viewer
the sun chars a thoroughfare in-between
the daily muscular in Italian
in French political

I think and wait until dark for a publicly owned verb and noun
meanwhile my esteem --

- do I still have it?
- if I have it will I always have it?
- if I always have it live like that -

how does one create a social reality with a wig and a song - gi-rl?

the film was developed but lost between the folds of Salonica
a pebble repeats the issues:

o Why will Mom's hair turn white when she turns 40?
o How can I reconcile with the torn page in the Bible?
o Another why issue (Ataturk generated)

wherefore the accident elisioned across
they told him it didn't happen too
the expropriation
                                    a stitch a limp

                                                could not

            period bits from named animals hindered

a Salonica pebble to the zoo
soon to flower North
other girls my age

                                    the posit

                        appropriate time
                                    (pound) no voice

- flash the same flower for every weekday
- who for?

tips lighted in formation in the ear
lunching on phonemes and how to

come use the space around life
hair like a wife's guilt
values without

- what for??

maiden of light reminding that

a cushion bonds the walls
not to passion the road

between sense and equal
= light and dark
= first man ready for salvation

= first man as father of light-mother

you own her when you combine what you never dreamt
to observe to react to a fine tuned debtor's photograph
didan didan noble among a tub arrangement of breasts
auditors/elects after the first man's gyan carnelian
where it always hurt around the hang of we
hallways of teeth in the husk
Az created


because of the confusion on mime street
another ordinary blue somehow
the first man a third
                                     light pebble

the mission of Beirut was implied in the crayon that divided
the mountain into fifths (we almost prevailing) the remains
pulling in the supplies console there
the illuminated cheer to cheer

- shall we renovate the church at D ______ ?

soles deeper stoking some sense of seated mania for a thinned ghost
an imagined buckle into the good will of pigment
over Aghaid pigment
a first clean stone
the gate opens

- shall we renovate?
- who for?

72 bishops
360 presbyters
elects w/no debts

auditors w/debts

that day it was not that one had to forget between the souvenirs
smelling of wild places

drag logic bleeds
the anti perhaps

surprised at what point a bent line is an arc
survivors' children seek the tenor
looking west they wear
glasses or

heavy carry light carry the attraction to long ago
prompt to the left I don't remember
how what

like a weed that grew until it became the litigant
for a bigger than life corruption
slow feeding

- did he do it?

think shawls in the house of the booking
in the frame of body
gap light


find the corpse full of pearls for enough space
setting the first omits with a song
memorize --

when we cloned around the food position we
standing for "did he do it out of office" or
"did he with much effort do it"
the frame did not reject
the unlettered

did what happened to the remains
pari unsoiled as if pari combing
my distraction so -
where is taste??

today is the first day you're a pay-stub mother
beaming at a new syntax
sadly cheap fanged


else with life getting closer to be named
with a wig and a song - gi-rl - does it
become someone's blood
once named?

these are not ours these streets we fight in
banal for some reason and emptied star
the watch in reverse
a new syntax

out there
street signals