Joel Craig in Moonlit



I was handed a rose and asked if I could hurt it. In 1980,
                              here I am with the experience
                              dramatically fresh in my mind,
                              a burning desire to explain myself.
                              So this is where I started.

I had two baby-sitters.

I was handed a rose and asked if I could hurt it. I was handed a rose
                              and asked if I could hurt it.

Here I will describe briefly something called the "alert."
                              Knowing that it's up to me to break the silence
                              I have started to do whatever it takes
                              to become expert. In the meantime
                              there is no completely safe procedure
                              If you intend them to continue
                              being alive.

Some small sign serving to remind me
                              this is a separate and very special category,
                              a mystical or even religious experience
                              which will never be forgotten, bringing about
                              a deep change of perspective or life direction
                              in the person who is graced with it. Answering
                              the phone is out of the question.

"Recalibration is a process that I do periodically.
                              My earlier experiments had been full of beauty
                              and light, and I rejoiced at what my soul contained,
                              aware of the considerable body, strongly colored
                              by attitudes and interpretations," he went on to convey
                              the magnificence of the theater, the deep blue
                              of the velvet curtains, the superb stage lighting and scenery.

I paid attention and chose my words carefully, "no
                              mystifications, no confusion to the eye, no
                              gadgetry clutter."

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