House Organ


To my mailbox came an enveloped stuffed thick with House Organs, each one a small bundle of copy paper, folded lengthwise and stapled once, usually six pages each (the number of pages that can be sent on a single first-class stamp), and in the majority of cases, bearing the UNDELIVERABLE stamp of the United States Post Office. Thus touring the empty mailboxes of America in the comfort of my hovel, I did experience the brilliant, varied, wall-to-wall poetry in the simply-done House Organ, published for years by Kenneth Warren, and reliably bringing sophisticated and profound work from every corner of the postmodern world. From Carol Bergé to Barry Wallenstein, Vincent Ferrini to Diane Di Prima, and the occasional single-writer issue, this magazine is very simply pure literature. —JP

Selections from Issue 53

Selections from Issue 54

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Selections from Issue 56

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