Catherine Daly
Salt Publishing

"Catherine Dalyís constructed a readerís playground by vatic, cathartic rapine of canonical texts including the "Amoretti" of Edmund Spenser, the Greek Anthology, and the Norton Anthology of English Literature; religious womenís dictation, testimony, and writing; wireless communication, slide shows, truth tables, and Boolean algebra; high culture sculpture and junk culture celebrities and plots. Included in the three sections of DaDaDa is hagiography of interior decorators and fashion designers, OuLiPonian manipulations of anonymous medieval prayers about the passion, a "womanís epic" poem based on the writings of Marguerite Porete which erases, creative etymology, quotes from female country and western lyricists, and instructions for making a Palm Pilot vibrate, all ultimately examining truth, freedom, art, craft, and other ideas. Daly rewrites as reading, as performance, as decoding, recoding, and encoding. This post-language poetry is devoted to sound play and pleasure. It is religious poetry underpinned by fervid atheism, literary criticism as heresy, confessional verse biography, serious poetry riddled with cheap puns."