Cralan Kelder


Prissy Sign

“If you want to feel the bread ask for a glove.
Please do not feel the bread without a glove.
Would you like the thought of strangers having touched your bread?”

a sign in an italian delicatessen in london
the prissy sign

strangers? touching my bread? would i like
a strange female’s hand down my pants?
maybe a strange male’s hand would
please me less.
but on my bread?
that’s not really
an issue for me

can i put my hand on their bread?
on their ass
how about your strange
head on my shoulders
my strange voice
in your mouth
an exchange of verbs,
all the possibilities.


In the Museum (Girls)

In the museum things are very modern.
at the end of one dark corridor there
are bright lights resembling a window.

One room extends four stories upwards.
there are things like
‘I know what you are thinking’
written on the wall.
Its all very clever.

Inside the museum there
are pretty girls everywhere
I am having trouble deciding
what to look at.

There are many paintings and photographs
of beautiful women
so I figure its okay to stare
at the ones who are still alive.
and standing right in front of me.