Big Bridge #9

Poets of Australia


Nick Whittock



barbie dolls
are words
nice areas
to fish outside
off stump 3
ads with a
marine theme
the cricket looks
more like klee
all the time or
less scary duck

he is a late
30s man
venting his spleen
and wet shorts
shorts thats a
nice line nice
areas & well
left too
b: Lee d
olls draws
charts boats

there is on
ly 1 fielder on
the on side
perhaps mid-on
the saddest most
isolated place on
earth nice areas
to hemingway
klee likes
he is a
hero man

boats chartered
accountants he
is a summer man
a cricketer wears his
endorsements on
his sleeve on
perhaps mid-on
solo thirst areas
düsseldorf or
well left   2
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Nick Whittock lives in Melbourne and writes poetic commentaries on the cricket.

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