Big Bridge #9

Poets of Australia


Brentley Frazer

Theory of fabricated Situations

Out on the lawn an ubiquitous fawning

& she enters the room, her
appellations on shoulders
looming larger than Heraclesí
labours aeroplanes for shoulder
blades saying itís better to marry
than to burn
like you meant it &
itís just not a tshirt slogan

Seven past midnight & the world falls down

Some relatives dredge a
river, brother dead in his truck
drunk on a night of whores &
oysters his uncle lost a leg in a
man trap back in 1943 he
became the local hobo played
the mandolin, dead brother
was clutching this when they
pulled him up.

The inherit realism of symbols

Soaked & floated downstream
clogged up the sluice in a nunnery.
The most matronly jamming her
fists in and tearing at the pulp
pushing buttons like a blind mouse
in a Skinner box with no levers,
reins in her libido screaming,
leaving it to Deleuze's pure,
nomadic chance, believing
in the whip that flogs the horse,
that this dance is not a waltz.

Brentley Frazer lives in Australia. His poems have appeared in many leading literary journals including Exquisite Corpse Journal of Letters, Jack Magazine, IdentityTheory, 3AM Magazine and Fusebox. His work as publisher and editor of Retort Magazine has been recognised by The Guardian (UK) and The Columbia Journalism Review. For more information visit or

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