Big Bridge #9

Poets of Australia


Mary-Anne Breeze

_Boxed A[rray]ndrogynous_ Force:[Mission Parameters]

[createman_man_ Box Androge;1]
[Create incept file Box Androge with size 1 concept.]

+ mission parameters: a small tagged operative _BOX ANDROGYNOUS_ Force is 2
tact.ically <insert> androglossia in2 the TARGET.

+ r[s]eduction thermal imaging is 2 b m.ployed by agents 1 +5. androgenic
hormone imaging is 2 b n.duced by agents 2,3,4 +1.

[map_man_ 2;3;4;+1]
[man name 2 to file 3 with share androge name 4, read-only or not (+1=1 or

+ a BA-Array1000 con.figuration will b m.ployed 2 guide the BA team of up 2
5 men. The BA <insert>ion team is 2 b armed like so:

Rank BA Start [Sex]F[ormat]ield Weapon
Slippery.Want BA-69 Thru Cute.Coded.Teeth 6mm Pro
Flash.Biting BA-67 Switch.Moody 6mm Pro
Prolix BA-70 Ported.Thru.Silkwurm.Skin 6mm Pro
Private.Rimming BA-69 With.Window.Open 6mm Pro
Salivating.Holes BA-89 Mini.Video.Taped (Squad Machismo Weapon)
S.livery.Armed Moments A-1972 SMW
Purring.Boundary B-1982 SMW

+ each man has 1 potential situation[s] via which n.sertion will take place.

[unmap_woman_ target]
[erase name target from the current procedure and, if it is not still
mapped (by the current BA or some other process) unmap the associated tape.]

+ a c.rash scenario is structured 2 include the <n.sert>ion target. she
will b [s]wearing a silver hustler t[v]-shirt or b.lack lycra cross-fader
or red[i]nstructed rhino crop-top with SeduceSensor on it. The TARGET
will b armed like so:

Ripped.Labia-tag Weapon Holster [Fashion Points Damage]
TARGET Brand 40 .40 calibre automatic comeback Short Range Vocab 2
BITCH Slap 40 .40 calibre automatic verbal whiplash Short Range Growling 2
5 x Squad Mezchismo Weapons acting as body guards.

+ TARGET is present @ c.rash site.
[share_ Box Androge_ 1;+5]
[obtain access to a mapped woman under BA man 1 and share name +5]

+ she cannot move more than 10 c.licks from the crash site until the BAs
provides 5 minutes of sweetener attn. TARGET or BA 1 +5 cannot b replaced.

+ TARGET must p.lay this mission as follows:
- her prim[ed].ary object.ive is 2 survive m.otionally intact + there4 will
not n.gage in direct androglossia combat.
- she will re:main under cova as much as is clubbishly possible.
- she will surrender if crash site is successfully ova.androgynized.
- she will not try 2 esc.ape BAs unless totally unguarded.
- if captured, she will follow the n.s[ex]tructions of her captors.

[showmap_BA_ '']
[A BA table of boy headings and one row of information for each mapped xy
sequence: name, location, share (or nick) name, sms handle, sex_preference
handle, address, size, and number of test markers.]

+ u are a member of the _BOX ANDROGYNOUS_ Force who has been tagged 2
tact.ically <insert> androglossia in2 the target @ [</>]loc.ation.
+ most of the information is class.ified @ this current time.
+ u will be tactically <insert>ed into the c.rash site containing the TARGET.
+ ur mission is 2 find the TARGET & using r[s]eduction thermal imaging or
androgenic hormone imaging n.fect her with androglossia.
+ the c.rash site is marked on the mapped_array that your commanding _BOXER
ANDROGYNE_ has, but due 2 an m.penetra[tion]ble meme.nt, u and ur fellow
BAs have 2 b <insert>ed approx. 69 c.licks away. 1nce inserted, it is
m.perative that you s[e(e)d.uce]tabilise the TARGET b4 @tempting removal
from the c.rash site back to the HOT ZONE.
+ u will be penalised if the TARGET dies b4 n.fection.

[Buyo]_Logical Pop_

_[Buyo]Logical Pop Cult[ural] M.[*.ap]Perri.[R]tiff_

+[man.]data painted lives < + > standard longevity varnish
+remove nuclear fa[em]m[e]ily constraints + switch.writ yr conscious in2
the mut[e. N t(e)xt]ant.age
+conti[]nuity pro.mise[rly]s + blau-moonish seep.ia[o].alities [</ swabbing>]

+abortiff c[abled] onnec.t.issuing < = > [grand] malls +
media-s[l]eizure packaging
+rust-tinted d[r]oll[i]s[h] [r] wimmen + twinned_metier pedals
vying[gentile] dribbling
+old [fish&bird shoals] s.kool [de]Bord[.ing]s <wrangle>
permanent|wired_meme dam[n]age

_[Re]al.l.igned D[b]ipol[ar]e Reality Fractures < seek > Tensile Wirelessness_

Mary-Anne Breeze ][Mez][ has been described as one of "the original net.artists" who is "...without doubt one of the most consistent, prolific, innovative artists working in new media today. Her work with language has had a considerable effect on the language of many”. The impact of her unique net.wurks [constructed via her pioneering net.language "mezangelle"] has been equated with the work of Shakespeare, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson, e.e. cummings and Larry Wall. She has exhibited extensively since the early 90s - both via the internet and in "realtime" [e.g CTHEORY's Digital Dirt, Prague's Goethe Institute, Digitarts '96, Experimenta Media Arts, ISEA_97 Chicago, ARS Electronica_97, trAce, The Metropolitan Museum Tokyo, SIGGRAPH_99&00, d>Art 00&01, _hybridforms_01, and in _Under_Score_ @ The Brooklyn Academy of Music 01 ]. She also participates vicariously in a multitude of conferences [she describes her input as being the product of a "virtual jillaroo"] and is a freelance journalist and co-moderator of the _arc.hive_ experimental mailing list. Her awards include the 2001 VIF Prize by the Humboldt-Universitat in Berlin, JavaMuseums' Artist Of The Year 2001, and the 2002 Newcastle New Media Poetry Prize. She was shortlisted for both the 2001 Electronic Literature Organisation's Fiction Award and received an honorary mention in the 2002 READ_ME Festival's Artistic Software Prize. Check out

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