Big Bridge #9

Poets of Australia


Adam Aitken

Hybrid Heaven

Two-way MMDS: Today and Tomorrow
(HEV) Program. Search. What is an HEV HEV Components Frequently
2000 HYBRID Comments?
swap kits, customization and modification of the
It's not just a concept.
Graphical tutorial explains the workings
with low prices and reasonable airmail costs
ambient sounds with occasional crossings
Hybrid... the new breed
Hybrid is divided
into two different departments, Programming and Advertising Graphics.
Directory for the creative/performance world.
Fansite of the trance duo.
Welcome ! Hybrid Children
is the ultimate rock group that hail from Helsinki, Finland.
What's New, Wasp
... They Are... HYBRID MUTANTS.
an environmentally conscious, fuel-efficient, hybrid
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Hybrid Heaven was previously published in Cordite.

Adam Aitken is a doctoral student at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has published three books of poetry and is now completing a fictive memoir about how his parents met in Bangkok in the late fifties. He is part of a team researching the cultural impact of the Vietnam War on Australia.

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