This over 220 page anthology with a daring nude cover by Colin Askey starts with an interesting letter sent by Carolyn Cassady (wife of the late Beat icon Neal Cassady) to the editor. In the letter she challenges modern poetry and rules.

The issue also includes Norman Mailer's first poem in 40 years, a dollar sign calligram by Dawn-Michelle Baude, a fluxus-inspired poems that can only be read through a mirror, drawings and poems by Yoko Ono, poems by Marilyn Monroe, a controversial piece by John Rechy, an essay on poetry by Allen Ginsberg, work by William S. Burroughs, Michael Rothenberg, Diane di Prima, Herbert Huncke, Joyce Carol Oates, John Updike, Sapphire, and many more great talents.

Van Gogh's Ear
Issue 3

Contributors for Van Gogh's Ear issue 3

Dannie Abse
David Amram
Bruce Andrews
Louis Armand
Rae Armantrout
Ian Ayres
Amiri Baraka
Elizabeth Bartlett
Dawn-Michelle Baude
Barbara Beck
Bruce Benderson
Eric Bentley
Margo Berdeshevsky
Edmund Berrigan
Ted Berrigan
Pam Brown
Mary Burger
Buster Burk
William S. Burroughs
Jim Carroll
Emily Claman
Lynette Cloutier
Susan Cody
Holly Crawford
Quentin Crisp
Michel Delville
Linh Dinh
kari edwards
James A. Emanuel
Betsy Fagin
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Marilyn Yvonne Ford
Susan Fox
John Gilmore
Allen Ginsberg
Stephen Gray
Barbara Guest
Sandra Guy
Keith Haring
Herbert Huncke
Michael Huxley
Guy Kettelhack
Thomas Kinsella
James Kirkup
Le Comte de Lautréamont
Denise Levertov
Lyn Lifshin
Brendan Lorber
Raymond Luczak
Norman Mailer
Susan Maurer
Tana McCarthy
Janet McDonald
Sharon Mesmer
Sylvia Miles
Yaroslav "Slava" Mogutin
Marilyn Monroe
Thom Nickels
Alice Notley
Joyce Carol Oates
Ulick O'Connor
Edgar Oliver
Yoko Ono
Sarah Petlin
Felice Picano
Jeff Poniewaz
Diane di Prima
John Rechy
Bob Rosenthal
Michael Rothenberg
Lawrence Schimel
Moe Seager
Chris Stroffolino
Eileen Tabios
Thomas R. Thorpe
John Updike
Roberta Vellvé
Anne Waldman
Phillip Ward
Karen Weiser
Evan Calder Williams
A. D. Winans
Florencio Yllana
Fay Zwicky