Donald Guravich

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Triggers (Tombouctou Press), 1983

A Brief History of Flying (Sardines Press/Third Ear Press), 2001

Blue Chips (Blue Press), 2001

Letter From Africa, Evergreen Press, 1983

Mexico Blonde, Evergreen Press, 1984

Snapshots, Evergreen Press, 1983

Both Gone, Bussard Blatter Press, 1990

8-Ball, Dead Metaphor Press, 1992

The New Censorship with Joanne Kyger, vol. #4, no.10, 1994

Bixby Canyon Revisited or I Too Passed Through, Evergreen Road Press, 1988

400 Original Postcards, The Alternative Press, Ann Arbor

A Christmas Stery, Evergreen Press, 1980

A Life Story, Evergreen Press, 1980

The Dharma Committee


Let Us Not Blame Foolish Women

The New Censorship, no.50, 1997

various issues of No Difference

a partial Donald Guravich bibliography