Kirby Olson
Lisbon: Big Pleasures in a Tiny Country
Las Vegas -- San Diego
New York Revisited
: a translation of a work by Michael Mohrt

Larry Kearney
from Power & Misery: Chapter 5
Power and Misery: complete .pdf

Ian Randall Wilson
Cassandra And Her Friend Are Performing

Alison McParlin Davis-Murphy
The Smell of My Death

Rodney Nelson
from Harvestman

Petra Backonja
Portrait, With Pearls

Jonathan Penton
from Metakiller

Peter Sheridan


Stephen Ellis
Cosmopolitan Tremble by Mark DuCharme

Stephen Ellis
Scratch Sides by Kristen Prevallet

Randy Roark
Jack Kerouac's Nine Lives: Essays by Jim Jones

Tim Peeler
Eating and Drinking by Sam Silva

India Radfar
Sweet on My Lips: The Love Poems of Mirabai by Louise Landis-Levi


Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets


Duncan's Letters: Poems 1953-56

Zephyrus Image: A Bibliography

Spit in the Ocean #7


Andre Breton: Selections

someone wants to steal my name


On the Islands with Norbu Rimpoche