George Manka


Spermatozoa Heaven
a translation of Henri Michaux

The shape of a man's spermatozoon smacks strangely of a man...
in character that is.
The shape of a woman's ovum rhymes surprisingly with her personality.
Both cells are quite small.
The spermatozoon is very prolix yet positively one-track minded.
The ovum expresses at the same time boredom and harmony;
its accent is virtually a sphere. -
Not all the spermatozoa in the world are the same as a man's...
far from it
For example, a crab's
looks like a flower's corolla.
Its soft radiating antennae do not seem to be probing for a female,
but for heaven.
However, since crabs reproduce regularly,
it would seem that things happen quite differently.
In fact, nothing is understood about crab heaven,
though people have been known to catch them by their hind-legs
to observe them without hurting themselves.

Even less is known about crab-spermatozoa heaven.


Image by Henri Michaux