a child draws the Tigres River running red with blood


                                             a child mangled and dead: a child crying and burned

                                             bloody little legs dangling down


                                        more bombs more bombs all along the Tigris River bend


                                        a mutilation without end

                                        the face of imperium: this smallest death


                                                              waved a severed hand he found calling Bush Bush

                  in this holocaust that boils up

                  clots of plague in the eyes and tar in the mouth


                         I am twelve years old: armless in my bed

                         my mother dead my father dead: twenty of my family dead


                           bodies gathered in a blasted land

                           buried their darlings in the dry ground

                           shamal: Arabic: sandstorm: pulverized hearts


                              the merchants of hunger are the merchants of death and destruction

                              humanitarians:  we bring you cholera and diarrhea


                                                                                     his wife bombed dead his little wounded girl

     there is a weeping that swallows the world


     shot him in the eye:  how does such pain die?

     three men crying with bleeding wounds

                                                 a tank crushes my life:  my poetry is broken


               they break the sweet date palms

                                                                          Poem by Sarah Menefee
                                                                               Illustrations by Nancy Victoria Davis