Letter from Knute Stiles

June 25 2002

Dear Paul,

I received your letter about a monogram on BUZZ in the mail this morning, & I spent the hot afternoon on my adjustable bed thinking about it. My memory is slipping fast. I couldn't picture a single painting from BUZZ. Not even which of my own collages were shown there. Iím afraid it is a bit late for me to write nostalgic memoirs. I take gingko every day, but, the social aspect: the poets, & a few Black Mountain people would come to the openings; those were gala events. & I remember that there was a poetry Leroy Jones, which attracted an even larger crowd. I'm afraid I would have to play a very small role in such a monogram. How were you thinking of printing it. Maybe it could be a computer printout. I think you should print only a limited number of copies. I'm not sure how many people would be interested. Fifteen years ago I would probably been more useful, but now I just don't know...

                                                                      I have a basil plant which I manage to water every day. Iíve made one good pesto so far, & I could make another tomorrow. We are in a drought, & not very many insects have materialized. All of the leaves are healthy. Amazing!