Donna Kuhn



i watched this show called cleavage last nite. then i got tired
and just listened. i had seen enuf. women tape their nipples
so they don't show thru their clothes. some women are so
sensitive stuff happens even when leaves fall from trees.
u can use a waterbra, a wonderbra, implants that get infected
and make u sick, tissues, socks or these things that look like
chicken cutlets (a favorite among cheerleaders) cuz they are
very natural looking. it was debated whether it was ethical
to trick men in this way. i am not doing any of that altho i did
start wondering about a wonderbra. if i show cleavage
people in the grocery store look at it. it makes me very


Ball of Fire Star

tell me why the sun is violent, cuz its a ball of fire star? i watched

steven spielbergs miniseries "taken". it was filmed in new mexico which

is still slightly painful to look at it if i cant have it. the colors,

mountains. there was a skinny green alien old baby man scary but mostly

adorable and i thought i dont hate everything i like whales and babies

and aliens and new mexico there must be other things too thats not the

face of horror in this world peeled back. but i dont like star trek or

star wars or thinking about planets or galleries.(hmmm, galaxies) but

mostly i wish they wd come take me cuz this is too hard and im not

having any fun. what did u want to tell me about the book fair on the

phone? im not even really afraid of aliens even tho they dissect u while

yr awake. in elementary school i got this note from a boy in my class,

donna, i have seen u in the cafeteria and i have taken a liking to u. my

name is ira dittersdorf.


Storm System

the world wd fall away

u can leave

                            the sky wd go

from red to blue

ferocious winds              my moons cold mouth

around him

                    ferocious winds are coming

the quiet wdnt scare me

                                          winds fall on me

u are t.v. after i feel i wdnt

u can leave yr cowboy boots open

                                                       my heart is under a full moon

u can't see

u can leave over dark bird

                          another airport in tangiers

                                                          yr another tangiers

where i was

don't look                    the sky

cowboy, cowboy

                                                yr another