Cralan Kelder


The Geisha Exchange

‘I’d like to exchange this avatar for a geisha’

suppose that you and your friends
want to go to a border café and drink a good Belgian beer

can this involve
something so twentieth century
as a car ride
and the individual experience
of waiting for the sun to set linear in the present tense?

The full-frontal bi-pedal
upright spine curvature
mode of existence
man-is-an-island malarkey
isolated in our corporeal ships
imprisoned by unique identity and
the notion that we are
rain drops

is like the missionary position,

nobody does that anymore,

not the first time at least.

The order of things seems changing changed
quaint forms of communication broken down
in the immediate distance
someone is banging frenzied afro-cuban rhythms
on the staid barriers of tradition
the police barricades forcing us to mill about
cul-de-sac like nervously awaiting liberation

straitjackets hanging in the hallway
family coats on a row of hooks

‘Children! – run and fetch your jackets’

Modern society has surpassed obsolete forms of narration,
today we are communal, co-axial, broadband enhanced, online and real-time.
geo-stationary satellites, a global neurot linked by fiber-optics,
never 9-to-5, sometimes 6-to-9,
imagine the democracy of everybody talking at once

Luddites and resistance are useless in this emergent world
desks full in office after office, city and land of laptop dancing
dimensions vicarious
united isolates at our experiential playstations

But don’t be fooled, its still life,
its still mornings, hot drinks, and expectoration
in between holding on tight to fellow bi-peds
The lucky half content, the rest resigned.
Daily senses a blitzkrieg igniting flares in your head
illuminating watery eyes, dull shiny and red with resign and resent
a rabbit caught in the headlights, happy because at least
for once he can see where the fuck he’s going


On Using the word
'Important' to Describe

I found some good poems
and faxed them right over
to a colleague of mine.
The boss came in and asked me
"what are these?"
What's this all about?"
"they're poems," I explained
"I thought they were pretty
important sir,
and that as many people
as possible should see them!"