Clayton A. Couch


Trilateral Commission


sanitizer                   clean floors & windows                   tv angel & eligible bachelors
            ketamine                  focus here, on star field                 just beyond Andromeda
                               oil & questionable neurons                  flatland
emir            i                 ka            placed directly behind blood of millions       


  parellelogram: bifurcated religion tolerance     mass destruct: fabricated down sand dunes
  layered overtop all organic assumptions     castaway inside fold edges brainwaves  
current events scramble code slashes     red clings to grounds: temple priest    
funneled ones & zeros toward seer     political comment - see question? 
conquistador, born Islamic bomb     fan magic; spectator sport ants  
 moonlit meteor: blue flowers     other Nemesis matters dark
Inquisitor: humans 95% ape     Illuminated green surface    


fatal words emanate from cracks in Precambrian lymphatics
hurtling squid-like underwater in salt & plankton
spare change sprinkled on crumbled sidewalk
dirty hands on shiny worthlessness
revelationís self-fulfilling social
whatís left is right of center
encased in my glass
a curatorís care
catches me