Michael Rothenberg


Inside and Outside Miami

                                   for Cosmos

Show Terri Philip’s pictures, let her read journal excerpt on funeral
Talk “mind breath”, “projective verse”, “logopoeia”, “graph of mind”
Philip saying, “Cummings made it all possible”. Another example
of mimicry? no. ............tits, periods, virginity, beer & crack, tattoos
Teach me something! Do I pander to the beats? Whoring for Black
Mountain! Whoring for Naropa! I’ve signed my own death certificate
See that Academy, they have prizes! Everyone has prizes. Doing
the honors. Queen Bees & Great Fathers. Uncles with specialties
We’re doing well and what we came out for. Over-produced Love
Ballads. We’re sentimental. Romantic! ”Black veined monarch butterflies”
2/28/2002 falls any time in consciousness or unconsciousness
More capable of losing control when there’s someone to check in with
Helicopters. Bi-planes. Sunny mornings & hazy afternoons
I don’t want to think about politics. The poem starts here, goes like
that: ONCE UPON A TIME. THE END, a novel. One word on each
page of the book. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a sculpture
It’s a book. From the photocopy shop. Any of them. And the airplane
heading for the airport. Boats revving slowly. Oh, my god, this is Miami!
Where I grew up. Born here, in Miami Beach. Went to Beach High,
Nautilus High School, Treasure Island Elementary School. Temple Israel
& Emanuel, where I met Sholom Lipskar who buried my mother
out of friendship. Years between us. “Should I come outside and sit
with you, drink coffee? Or...No, see, it’s not bad what you’re doing
You get stuck in it.” Writing, and writing. Oh, my Buddha, when I believe
in you, you tell me you’re not a god. Atheists Unite! Oh my god, it’s Miami
Saving St. Teresa from WASP sneaker & blue jean intellectuals
I’m here crashing the party. Top down listening to Kurt Cobain and
Dean Martin. It’s always a thrill to break through. Flash at the
Wallflower Gallery. Cafe Luna Star. My friend in Santa Cruz calls me
Floridahead. Others call me granolahead. Apples. Granola. Yogurt
Vegetables and Diet Cel-Ray. I like Marc Anthony & Bob Dylan
When I die they’ll miss me. If you talk long enough someone will
publish you. And friends in far away countries, on islands, between
mountains. O Miami, Buddhist Miami, Jewish, Catholic, Islam Miami
I hope I haven’t left anyone out. The doors and shores are open.