Alan Sondheim


theory because this is miami.

strengthening to hurricane status and flood watch for southern florida
boats on fire in fort lauderdale and trees broken in north miami
moisture index high and drawn into central miami towards ludlum avenue
windstorm down ludlum avenue taking a right on 46th street
green anoles crawling down 46th street taking a left in the sunken drive
monitors walking slowly over speed bumps crawling up the soaked walls
wall of water over the second story slamming into 252 where we're
soaked and crawling, strengthened to ward off anoles but not anomalies

because of the persistence of academic affairs we are not allowed to shut
the doors of our offices if there is a student of any degree of opposition
sex within. the halls of the department of art are filled with television
cameras - we're pure exhibits - we're there for them; there is nothing to
steal but our imaginary. the cameras hug the ceiling like green anoles,
their burst eyes flooding us with marrow for thought. let me tell you that

eyes damage thought, spear thought; they glare through dreams in which we
edit dreams to our liking. they are vectors of configuration; they divide
and cauterize space. there is a corner of the secretary's office in which
we are unwatched, cutting each other with thin knives; the blood drips
anonymously were it not for dna. azure carves out my cock: EIDETIC
REDUCTION and in return i damage her breasts: CHORATIC EFFLORESCENCE.
i reduce or am her reduction; she extends or turns my exponential. in
front of the cameras, for an unseen audience, we mutilate.

because this is miami, blood pours from our mouths; we leaving fast in
this theater of the real. when we fall into the range of the cameras -
when we are seen - we are covered with blood, our sight gone; instead,
silent, with infinite wisdom, we carry the truth of theory, the
efflorescence of thought, forever towards our almost immediate death.

because this is miami, we will wake up thick after our performance; the
faked blood is cleansed like the dust-free department of art staring at
us. just before we leave we'll show them everything then shoot out the


The Moon is Waning Cresent

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The Moon is Waning Cresc
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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 17:52:19 -040
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The Moon is Waning Crescw Yorkdh
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Channel 7, Miami, with feeds from Channel 5, NY, both fox:
unity is destruction.

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The Moon is Waning Crescent