The 4 Noble Truths of Buddha Jaded, Updated, and Serrated

Voices yelling in my head
Sometimes I wish I was dead
Life is suffering and full of pain
Sorrows fall like drops of rain

But I believe we can fly
I believe if we try
We can fly
To the sky
Oh so high

Letting go it fades away
Life is a stage on which we play
We determine who we are
We are self-scripted each a star
If to this world you get tied down
To the material things of which abound
Then deep in sorrow doomed to drown

Eventually the piper gets paid
Suckers lose, players get played
If not now, then in the next life
Karma always pays back strife

There is no mercy for the cruel
To hate violence adds only fuel
And in the end when all is done
The final truth is all is one

If wed only opened up our eyes
Its all we need to realize
Its a veil of illusion that does deceive
Our lives are what we conceive

We choose to be good, we choose to be bad
We choose to be happy, we choose to be sad
We get as good as we gave
Our acts, not religion, is what shall save

And I know
If we just let go
We will see the flow
And leave the pain below

Peace of mind
Is what well find
Like sight given unto the blind
Well leave the darkness far behind

And we can fly
So high
To the sky
If we try,
                        If we try,
                                                If we try


the corpse

a body lying in a pool of it's own blood where it was discarded in an alleyway where someone passes by and upon noticing it takes the wallet empties it and throws it away while sometime later someone else admiring the shoes takes them for there own leaving this cold dejected corpse alone to rot untill the smell from the alley finally drove someone to call the athorities who then collected it in a body bag and this being the refuse of no use to anyone was sumarilly dumped in a hole and burried leaving nothing to mark it save a number and nobody cared.
this is how you made me feel
and you called it love.


On Icarus' Wings

I came upon a body broken
Whose last words to me were spoken
To the sun I flew too near
Now I lay dying here
I was Icarus, these were my wings
Then I removed from him those broken things
As he took one last breath
And slipped off quietly to his death
Then an idea came to mind
My sweet angel I could now find
Repair these wings of feather and wax
Attach them securely to my back
Spread those wings on to the sky
To take me up so very high
On Icarus' wings I soar
To my love forever more
Higher, higher, ever higher I go
Earth getting smaller far below
I see my angel by the sun
When I reach her my flight is done
A little more I'm almost there
But suddenly I become aware
Sun melts these wings again
And I feel hot wax cause seering pain
The warning given I did not heed
So now I pay for my careless deed
Plunging down towards oblivion
For coming to close to the sun
But it's alright because in a while
I'll awake in heaven to my angel's smile