88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry


88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry is an annual poetry review featuring the best contemporary American poetry plus reviews, and essays on poetry and poetics. We're interested in a variety of poeties including lyric, lyric-narrative, experimental, surrealist, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, New York School. We want work that engages, work rendered in fresh and interesting language with surprising imagery, work that acknowledges that absurdity of the human condition, work that incorporates humor. (The reference to the New York School should be the tip-off as to what we mean when we say work that "incorporates humor.") Please don't send us work that is apparent, work that is glib, work that has your grandmother die in every poem, work whose sentiment moves into bathos. If you think your work comes "from the heart" or consider poetry as a therapeutic tool, we're not the best place nor the right place for you.

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