Claudia Grinnell
As I Say This
In the Widest Sense, Everything
Advice for Getting it Done
Skinner Box
What You Will Find Here

Lewis Warsh
Milton Street
Love (With Seeing Eyes)

 Philip Schiemann
(in German/English)
No Title
Me & the Sixties: Hommage to the Poets of the Beat Generation

Gwynne Garfinkle
But that is not a small wound
apt apartment
A spate of lewdness

 Billy Little

 Judith Malina
Seafood with Poets
I Am a Prisoner Dreaming of Escape

 Nicole Burrows
Ode to Kenward Elmslie
Ode to Joseph Caravolo

 Drew Gardner
The Loop

 Frank Parker
He Leans Out...
Up Rocky Ridge...

 Lewis LaCook
echo and narcissus

David Highsmith
Excerpts from Petroglyph

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
Susie, Kiki, Annie

Mark Kuhar
the blueprint for a whirling tourniquet
the royal order of the stoned locomotive
a thumbnail sketch from north of the kaleidoscope tree
junk angel of the evaporating night

Mark Prejsnar
monosong: one unearth
for the Rio Shopping Center
etude with growth

 Aaron Couch
The Box
Global Language II:
Thug Life the Movie
Global Language III:
The Sleeping Beggar

Rick London

William Minor
Russian Poems

Susan Terris
Burnout Woman & Man of Grass
When Pistachios Rain from the Sky

 Duncan McNaughton
Dealing with Fruit