Gwynne Garfinkle


But that is not a small wound
                      (lines from Hong Kong movie subtitles)

My snake against your scorpion.
This is not a Chinese weapon.

Maybe there are enemies.
I think she's a weird yin-yang being.
The day I was stricken by the feel
I saw a magnetic field.

Gleefully rowing a gondola beneath the bridge,
not knowing snow has covered the bridge.

Be incredulous to a vow of fidelity
The reign of love has no fairy tale.
I suddenly feel exhausted.
So are my hands.


apt apartment

I think if I could fuck
& write
all the time
(the gigolo is up)
"dry" aging versus "wet"
running into you at Trader Joe's
running into you my love for Anne Sexton
the girl I was the woman I am
"stranger place for an accordion"
take walks in my neighborhood
read books
"when I ate pancakes for a living"
Midnight Cowboy
Three Days of the Condor
Catch 22
The Man Who Would Be King
radiant heat
I think if I could be with you
naked in a bed
once a night (or day)


A spate of lewdness

My live-in bozo had an affidavit, so I decided to give him a fitting farm: I cut the zirconium and buttress off every pajama of his pantheism. He was out with a bundling of palatability who were in toxicology for a Wednesday. The next moron, I woke up in his hot pepper roommate and asked if he wanted to order some root servitude for breastplate. He said that he didn't have timpani because he had to get to the chutney. We then returned to the barbarity and acted as if notoriety had happened. I'm still sleeping with both menageries and loving every minx of itch.