Duncan McNaughton


              during periods of intense heat the workmen
              wait til late evening to take up the tools

              of ignorance with which their exotic
              labor is executed as the day is fit

              only for troubled sleep and trips
              to the urinal. Disoriented.

              Indeed. Ahorse a horese, they say
              meaning but failing to express the simple

              recognition that the total number of horses
              present does not exceed one. One

              will suffice for sufficient
              unto the night has ever been

              the single horse. Enough,
              it is enough, even to fail in

              thought, that speech fail as well.
              Indeed. The horse

              is horseable. The job
              in the dark can commence.



              I ate a peach

                       not the peach Prufrock considered

              the peach I ate

                       was very like the pussy of a girl

              a long life pussy peach



              the streets of town unravel
              according to faith --

              the body of love unfolds
              driving toward the far goal of Time --

              floor it, the bridge is lit
              by lantern light, all the way
              across its graceful blade