Aaron Couch


The Box

sleeping out that night / the wet sand matted / like voices of marginalia / the sky

impossibly wide / clear as an unwedded thought / without limits / a furious

pitch / broken like a crows neck / with memories of incontrovertible relations / the

curveball / the size of the moon / the waking light of constancy / the undressing

                                                                                       of loss

of stars / the blank stare of their insoluble script / harbingers of confusion / not

                                                   with a dark

the types to fall pitiably before / not the type to trust / secret / you go down in

history / as a wet young cur / pious to the last / listening to the sucking sound


of seaweed in the shallows / you open up / an unforgivable purpose / as the insects

crawl out of the sand / the cold air / kissing your dimpled thighs / it was one of

                                           too                                       desperate

those things / when the melody is too strong / you can't keep from listening /


stretching out / the sky welded to the horizon / pristine / perfect / complete


Global Language II: Thug Life the Movie


This time we go Hollywood / Thugs are glamorous / Camera angles speak of good


intentions / Very tight linking of space and poverty / Someone will be killed / A hero


will represent our values / All share the same relationship / Four dollar box of popcorn /


Characteristics of neighborhood / Urban landscape jungle / Passion jungle / Tear scenes


not too long / Mix with humor / Happy balance / Threshold effect / the poor are great

                        clip                      edit                                                     cut

actors / Masquerade effect / Flat diegesis / One pair of breasts / Basketball redeems us /

             white audience                                                    roll credits

Marketing with Billboards / white director / Violence as a way of life / American dream lives on


Global Language III : The Sleeping Beggar

            street                                          curb

first he needs a name / if he only knew how to sell himself / the declination of art /


rolls so gracefully / like rain water / pouring through scattered debris / broken twigs /


up between the tires of parked cars and the edge of the curb / into gutter / the ring


of truth / in all its dazzling varieties / between your narrative / pulled taught / umbrella rib


cage / and his / this halo of indifference / as if man were sleeping under wet newspaper /


the minimal / sound of rain drops / your step / the rain water soaking your socks /

                                  mortar                              cement                                  grit

the sidewalk / like rock at bottom of heart / tiny acts of god / his dirty / ugly frame / the

                      dirt                                          cement

constancy of rainy days in this city / pastured remittance / succor for unfound melancholy